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Hollie was inspired to cook at an early age and really found her calling to cook professionally for over 10 years in Chicago and Minneapolis. Having no formal culinary education, Hollie learned much of what she knows today from the wonderful chefs at Cafe’ Absinthe, in Chicago and kitchen staff in the numerous restaurants she has worked in during her journey.

Hollie moved to San Diego in 2011 and knew she wanted to start her own business. Hollie spent years catering and cooking for small, private events throughout San Diego and it wasn’t until she took her yoga teacher training with CorePower Yoga that she figured out what she wanted to do with her life… help people take charge of their health and wellness through diet (not dieting) and yoga.

Hollie began teaching yoga at Sojourn Healing Collective in 2018 and LOVES the community she has found at Sojourn! While teaching, Hollie discovered her love of Reiki energy healing and wanted to learn more, she enrolled in a reiki training program with Melanie Esperon of Reiki Room San Diego.

Hollie is now a Reiki Master and helps her students and clients go deeper in their healing by helping them forge a deep mind/body connection through Mindful Nutrition, Meditation, Yoga and Reiki.

Hollie Reiki-Infuses her delicious Vegan cuisine for her numerous clients. She believes that food is medicine and an Organic, Vegan, GLuten-Free, Non-GMO lifestyle is a great way to start helping your body and the planet to heal as well as doing no harm to animals.